We are looking for someone to help us organize all our activities. We want to take our level of professionalism and friendliness to our clients to the next level. But at the same time, we don't want to hold back on the volume of activities we want to get done. Your job will be to make sure everything runs like clockwork. From courses for companies in Poland to even courses abroad. You can also help us with new projects and developing collaborations with distributors or cooperating organizations.

If you are someone who can get a lot of things "done", we may be looking for you and the career/job of your dreams awaits you!

  • Full-time
    We prefer our coordinator to be a professional who dedicates all of his/her time to the job.
  • Part - time
    If you are not looking for a full-time job, apply anyway, we will definitely find a way of cooperation for you.

Our results so far

SORUDO has been operating as a company for 10 years now, and in that time we've done a few things well.

81 lives saved

Every year we save more lives through our participants who don't hesitate to help.

21,879 clients

That's how many people have gone through our courses, and it's going to be more and more every year.

The most viewed online courses

More than 2,000,000 viewers have seen our YouTube videos and heard about SORUDO. More than 2,000 of them have gone on to our online courses, which we already have in 3 languages.

Franchising concept

We are spreading around the world as a Franchise, giving our partners a guide on how to build local copies of our business in their country. This way we are already operating in several countries.

Why we are looking for you / what you can help us with:

Courses for companies

We do up to 60 / month
The number of courses is growing and we can't do it alone anymore. Your job will be to make sure everything runs smoothly, clients are happy and we can organize even more courses.

Clubs in the regions

Up to 40 clubs across the country
We have new instructors coming in all the time, we can train them, help them fill the clubs, but we lack someone to look after the clubs

Courses abroad

SORUDO is currently orginizing trainings in 5 countries
If you are proficient in languages, we would appreciate help with organizing seminars abroad. Interested people are applying, but we are not able to work with them enough.

Recruitment of (not only) lecturers

We get up to 100 applicants / month
Every month we receive dozens of candidates for various positions. Most of them are lecturers from all over Europe.

And more than 19 other projects waiting....

Common concerns:

    Coordinators don't sell courses in our company, if a client is interested in something, the sales team will sort it out with them.
  • You don't have to be a TRAINER
    A coordinator does not have to be a trainer, although we welcome it if the coordinator tries out the courses themselves, it is not a requirement. 🙂
  • It is a FULLTIME job
    It's a regular fulltime job, although we would be happy if you start as a temp and try out the collaboration first, but if you are looking for a job starting tomorrow, it's not a problem.
  • You don't have to be from CIESZYN
    We have colleagues on several continents, if you want to work remotely, that's not a barrier for us.


  • Is native speaker in Polish / on communicative level in English (to be able to communicate with us)
  • Is a great organizer, tidiness is their middle name, spreadsheets are your home

  • Can handle well the stress that can arise when organizing larger events

  • Need great communication skills, friendly speech and manner.

  • Negotiation and empathy are assets you can use

  • If you are linguistically equipped, you will help us organize events abroad

We offer:

  • Flexible full-time / part-time work
  • Wage 4.000-6.000 PLN / month (for a full-time position)
  • Possibility to work completely remotely
  • Flexible time conditions
  • Free courses - not only SORUDO ones (but also about project management, personal development etc.)
  • Discount on training for friendly companies ( e.g. your child's school)
  • 3 forms of employment to choose from: umowa o dzieło, umowa zlecenie, B2B

Who you will work with / What the SORUDO team looks like:

Petr Moučka

Founder / CEO
"With me you will be dealing with your future, growth in the company, vision and project planning. If you are a trainer, you will deal with training and methodology with me."

Petr Cihelník

Sales Director
"I'll be in daily contact with you, we'll tackle the day-to-day work together and achieve goals quickly."

Wiktoria Czajka

Sales Team Manager
She makes sure that there are more courses to coordinate every month.

Katarzyna Ostrowska

Sales Assistant
She's one of those, who sells the courses to the clients and the handles them to you to coordinate.

Martin Žihlo

Online Specialist
He manages social media advertising, websites and everything online. He's also there to help you with any technical issue.

Instructors you will send to the courses:

Tomasz Gralak

Conflict resolution and smart self-defense instructor
Tomasz started out as a boxer and won multiple Polish Championship medals. For many years he was a boxing and fitness instructor. He is also a writer, teaching communication and business skills courses, about which he has written several books published abroad.

Jarosław Galuba

Gentle self-defense and first aid instructor
Jarek is a professional trainer, MMA fighter, focused on fitness. He is also interested in health and first aid. He is a fighter with a soul and a great lecturer.

Tomasz Bator

Self-defense instructor
Passionate about martial arts, Keisatsu-Jitsu instructor, teacher at a jiu-jitsu school. President and chief trainer of a civic security association.

Łukasz Kopczyński

Self-defense and survival instructor:
As an instructor, I make sure that each person in the class feels confident and safe. I introduce techniques so that the participant will no longer be a defenseless and helpless person if violence is attempted against him. My classes teach working with one's own body, self-confidence, thoughtful actions and critical thinking.

Piotr Borowski

First aid and BHP instructor
Professionally a hospital health and safety specialist, socially a firefighter rescuer and a long-time trainer with a mission to pass on the knowledge of how to save lives. Privately a motorcyclist competitor in the Polish Amateur Gymkhana Cup.

Małgorzata Sularczyk

Soft skills instructor
Leadership, Assertiveness, Managing self, time and team

Kinga Kańtoch

First aid instructor

Kamil Sokolowksi

Self-defense instructor

Our clients you might know:

What are you waiting for?

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